Genuine Made In Italy bikini

1995, Pin-Up Stars birth year, a real revolution in Beachwear couture. The Brand is firmly anchored to Italian's craftmanship and the Made in Italy know-how, we suddendly developed, using new technologies and constant research of new fabrics.

Every new collection is distinguished by unique masterpieces, for the women who love making the difference with their elegance, grit and personality.
Pin-Up Stars is expression of development and research.
Always colourful, ironic, exciting and obviously sexy, whilst bearing mind to the glamourous and fashion spirit, constantly renewing Itself, keeping It actual, in the Beachwear Couture background. Clothes based on research and innovation, 100% Made In Italy, built on Italian craftman's experience and high quality materials.

Beachwear History was born with Pin-Up Stars

The american and talented designer, Jerry Tommolini and his team of designers and craftsmen are the creators of the embroideries, decorations, fitting, and take part of the creative experiments that make Pin-Up Stars and Agogoa undoubted trendsetters. Jerry says: "I look around to find the trends for the next collection and I do the opposite''. Nobody ever had been embroidered on a swimsuit before Pin-Up Stars. Decoratives, gems and especially handmade colorful embroideries. A team of ten people creates everyday yarn and colourful inteweavings to make true Jerry's sketchs.